An unyielding dedication to quality has been applied to the interiors of Canopy. Blending tactile materials with contemporary spaces brings texture and warmth, while bespoke joinery and carefully selected fittings convey a sense of resolute luxury.

Timber floors, stone benchtops and a muted palette provide a refined canvas for personal articulation and a stage for artful centrepieces, such as the glass-enclosed Jetmaster fireplace and graceful light installations.

With a uniquely antipodean accent that invites a seamless flow between indoors and out, the Canopy gardens provide a lush hideaway for rejuvenation and recreation. When closed, the generously proportioned glass doors enable uninterrupted vistas to the beautifully landscaped gardens, and retracted, they allow the interior living area to blend with the home and green space beyond. Native foliage complements and softens the modern lines of the build while sculptural plants draw the eye outwards to the sun-drenched yard.